Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rejection #1

Well, it's been a while blogging, but it's also (sad to say) been a while for writing.


Short: My time off from the Festival this winter season has not really been used for writing, as it has for relaxing. I seemed to have really burned out after this last festival, and my batteries usually need a bit of charging after such a big under taking (not to mention the fact that right after the festival I have to submit three grant applications in October). I've said before, It's Not What You Haven't Done But What You're Doing!

And so it goes.

At the end of January I submitted no less than 10 queries of the Ghostcatcher Club to publishers. I've meant to send it to more, but that's a good start.

And the first rejection was today! Yay! Annick Press (big surprise). Typical form letter. Ah well. It shall have place of prominence on my wall of shame (heh).

In other Writing News:

(1) Review for Rubarb: I was approached by Sarah Klassen the other day, and she asked if I would be interested in reviewing a graphic novel for Rubarb magazine. As Anita Daher says (and I paraphrase): "being a poor Canadian writer, I said YES!" It's due on Monday, and it's all Christian-super-hero-like. Interesting...

(2) New Writing Group in the Formative Stages:
Yup. You heard it right here first. I'm going to be joining a new writing group!
And since I know that at least two of my former WWGers read this blog, I'll tread carefully over what I'll say next, and be careful not to bash my former group! (heh-heh-heh!) I wouldn't do that anyways, cuz I learned lots from those peeps!

Okay, the basic info.
Who: Me, my good friend Mr. Jason Booth, and one or two women from his crea-comm class.
What: Writing. Specifically fiction. More specifically sci fi/fantasy. Even more specifically novels.
When: First meeting soon. Maybe in a week or so. Then we'll meet over the summer between their classes. That's the initial plan. It might change if they want to meet more frequently or sooner.
Where: TBA
Why: Because my good friend Mr. Jason Booth asked me!

So, it sounds pretty good. I've suggested we all meet very soon to discuss why we want to meet, what we want to get out of a writing group, and to share some of our work with each other (i.e. read it out loud!). What I think will be really great is that we're all working on the same type of project: fiction, novel, sci-fi/fantasy. Coolness.

I've got a few projects to share: A 4th draft of The Flute of the NorthWind. The beginnings of a pretty awesome story (if I do say so myself) that looks at a reworking of the three classic monsters of our age (the Frankenstein monster/golem, werewolves and vampires).
And of course, I have my collection of short stories based on the world that the FotNW takes place in.

In any case, I've got stuff to work on, and maybe this writing group is what I need to kick myself in the pants!
I just haven't had the "bug" to write, which sounds stupid, but there it is.

Soon though...soon.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Ariel Gordon said...

Since your writing pattern was enormous disgorgings of text followed by months of nothing (giving you time to edit out every instance of 'hoard/horde' and 'form,' huh?), I'm not surprised that it's been awhile.

But as a former member of your writing group, I must MUST say that you're about due for a writing spurt. Which is to say that you should make room in your life for the writing to come.

Because there will always be other stuff going on, n'est ce pas?

Good to hear you've been submitting though!


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