Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cantus Borealis - musical poetry

Last night I attended the Winnipeg premiere of Cantus Borealis: Song of the Forest, performed by the Winnipeg Chamber Orchestra at Westminster United Church.

This was an undertaking at least three years in the making - I say "at least" because I know that Andris Taskans of Prairie Fire Press had a vision about 12+ years ago for it, but I became involved with it about three years ago as the President of the board of Prairie Fire Magazine.

To learn more about the entire project, go here: Boreality Project

But basically, it was a collaboration between Prairie Fire Magazine and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra to create an orchestral piece, with accompanying poetry and literature (more of that will still be coming from Prairie Fire Magazine in the months to follow).

I quite enjoyed the evening, and the music, despite the fact that Kelly Hughes had nothing to do with it. The choir was gorgeous, the orchestra superb, and the sound in the old church to die for. It was my first time in Westminster United and I was blown away. Overall, I was proud to be associated with one of the organizations that had taken part in the collaboration. Bravo PF peeps!

But why mention Kelly Hughes of Aqua Books, when Kelly Hughes had nothing to do with this project? Oh, that's just so the KellyBot detects Kelly's name and directs him here to read this.

Oh Kelly. You're so vain. You probably think this blog is about you. ;)

EDIT: It was recently (like an hour ago) brought to my attention by the lovely poet and writer of other writerly things Chandra Mayor (author of "All the Pretty Girls" which I am currently reading and quite enjoying) that Kelly Hughes of KHL! and Aqua Books DID have a connection with the Boreality project! Which I totally forgot about. Katherine Bitney was the W-i-R (Writer-In-Residence) there for several months during the initial stage of the project.

So...some collaboration in a helping sense.

Just wanted to clear that up before the Kellybot gets here and the KellyRant-o-Meter2000 starts besmirching my lovely name. ;)


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