Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas in Ink!

Today I enjoyed the pleasant company of the staff and fellow directors of Prairie Fire magazine, with a little brunch at Littel Saigon, a deliciuos vietnamese restaurant. Mmmm-mmm. I'm still full.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the big day for my family (German traditions and all that, 'cuz they just like Ch. Eve better than Ch. day is all. Don't ask me why).

Tanya and I will be heading over to my parent's place for feasting and presents! Yay! Although this year's presents will be singular, in that we've asked all our friends and family to give us Rona gift certificates. Yup. Exciting. Why Rona GCs? Well, there's a nice kitchen pantry that we would like (er...make that NEED), and it'll set us back about $700. So, we decided to do the exciting thing and make the pantry our big present, from everyone, and from ourselves.

And me with a toy list the length of both my arms. Doh. All those unclaimed Spider-Man action figures! Marvel Vs card game! More Heroclix figures!!!

Speaking of toys, and Heroclix, I just realized today that I've spent almost $450 Cdn on Heroclix miniatures in the last three months. Yup. Little plastic toys. What the hell?!? Am I insane!?!

Yes. Most definitely.

I will have to ban myself from Ebay for a few months (like at least 10 months, maybe 6 for good behaviour). But...the deals! They were so good!!


Anyhoos, my last entry here today will be about ink. Andris, the editor at Prairie Fire magazine dubbed my "Squid-Boy" on account of my recent acquisition of ink galore! Grand N' Toy are closing their store in Polo Park shopping centre, and selling everything off for 60 and 75% off. Well, I took a quick gander at their ink cartridges and lo and behold: CHEAP INK!

To put it in perspective: the colour cartridge is normally $29.99 and the black cartridge is normally $9.99. I picked up 9 colour cartridges for about $2.50 a piece, and 12 black cartridges for about $1.50 each!! It was insane! I've got, like $400 worth of INK here, and it cost me around $50!!

Crazy man. Crazy.

I hope everyone who's reading this has a pleasant and happy Christmas and/or other holidays!
Merry Christmas!

BionicPerry, signing off.

p.s. I'm still hoping to take those Flash courses in the new year! Coolness!


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Herbert Grosshans said...

Thank you for a lovely Christmas Dinner yesterday.
Celebrating on Christmas Eve? You're right, it is a German tradition. No explanation needed, Son.


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