Saturday, April 16, 2011

Latest MS has a packed lunch

Well, since this blog is supposed to also be about my writing, I better mention this (or else Ariel will punch me).

My MS (short for "manuscript" for those non-writery fans of mine reading from Iran), the one entitled "The Ghostcatcher Club" is now in the hands of a publisher in Kingsville Ontario! Palimpsest Press, the same press who publishes the lovely poetry of my friend Ariel Gordon, also has a YA/Kids imprint called Magpie Books.

I queried, and the publisher asked to see the whole thing! So I packed the MS a little lunch and sent it out the door! Good luck little dude! Good luck! (sorry for yelling with all those exclamation marks, but it IS exciting!!)

I'm guessing that I'll hear back from them in less time than it took Tundra (who actually lost the MS at one point...and then finally rejected it after a year and a half).


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