Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm a bad, bad Blogger.

Alrighty. Yeah, I know.

It's January 19, and this is my first Blog entry since December 25! Doh!

I'm a bad, bad Blogger. So much for New Year's resolution #54, "I will keep my Blog updated."

Well, it's still 2006, so I'm not doing THAT badly. Let's give a very quick recap of the last three weeks:

Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year's Week:
Went wild on Boxing Day with my friend Greg and spent about $300 on myself! Eeep! Comics! Comics! And MORE Comics! Got some Groo the Wanderer, and pretty well the whole collection of ROM, Spaceknight (Issues #1-62, +3 annuals, all for a paltry $25!).

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Also grabbed another spidey action figure for my collection (Allistar Smythe, aka the Ultimate Spider Slayer). Excellent.

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However, now I'm in debt to my Visa and my wife for the next few months. All extra money I make has to go to pay off my extravagant toy spending, and as Tanya says, "No more toys for Perry!" I'm banned from buying anything else for at least the next 6 months. Heh. I'll have to enjoy what I've got.

New Year's Eve
Nothing too exciting. Went over to Christina and Marc's for card gaming and drinking madness. And lots of snacks too. Our friend Vanna was in for Christmas from Montreal, and Pam (Christy's friend) came too. A nice relaxing friend filled evening.

January, 2006, the First Few Weeks
Happy New Year! There, now I've made it official ;-)

Back to work, yadda yadda, etc etc. Been playing Hitman2 for the PS2 (bought it at Red River Books for a paltry $11 on Boxing Day). Very cool. Deadly. I'm a trained assassin, man.

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On New Year's day we went to Christina's boyfriend/common-law-hubby Marc's Mom's place (whew! That was a mouthful). Marc's neice has a cut little dog named Rocky. He's about the size of a beenie baby. No kidding. Check it out.

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"Hi, I'm Yoda!"

Now I've got to buckle down and get some work done. I've made a "To Do" list for myself and it's quite long. Although, with afternoons off, there is no excuse to get this stuff done.

I've got a book review for the Logberg-Heimskringla (the Manitoba Icelandic newspaper) - Viking: King's Man, by Tim Severin (the third in the trilogy; I reviewed the other two).

I've got a book "inter-review" for Prairie Books NOW! about aboriginal educational issues. It's basically a text book written by two profs in Alberta. It'll be little dry to read, but learning stuff can't be bad, can it?

Also, I've got to finish my WAC grant report from 2005 and put together another for the February 14 deadline. And, I've got to finish the 3rd draft of my manuscript the Ghostcatcher Club so that Marty Chan can have a read of it!

Alrighty, I think that's enough for now. I PROMISE to myself that I will be more diligent with this Blog, and much more creative. Ariel's Janeday Reader is absolutely poetic to read and look at with her continual foresty pictures.

Anyhoos, BionicPerry signing off