Friday, July 18, 2008

Fringe! Fringe! Fringe!

Well, it's that time of year again. And FINALLY for the first time in like four or five years I managed to convince Tanya to FRINGE again like we used to!!!

Got a Buddy Pass (which pays for 14 ADMISSIONS, and not 14 SHOWS as it advertises in the program...they need an editor), and it's already almost used up after only two days! Yahoo!!
We'll be buying another one soon methinks.

So, we've seen five plays so far. Here they are, Title and description, and my quick one line reviews:

(1) The Aethernomicon
Puppet play of horror, based on H.P. Lovecraft
The puppets were fricken awesome, although the "acting" was okay, but definitly worth seeing if you like freaky well made puppets.

(2) Queens of Rome
Two party girls in ancient Rome
Lots of valley-girl type swearing, but very funny and crass if you like that sort of language.

(3) Quixote
Storyteller Eric De Waal weaves tale about Don Quixote
Very cool as usual from Eric, with his mezmerizing speech and tale weaving snazzy jazz.

(4) Killing Kevin Spacey
Dude wakes up one morning to discover he's living the life of all of Kevin Spacey's pathetic characters, and decides to start living like Al Paccino would.
Bloody hilarious and totally worth seeing.

(5) Yorrik
The ghost of Yorrik talks to the audience and explains his REAL role in helping Shakespeare
Not bad. Kinda like medieaval stand-up.

More, more, more and MORE Fringe shows to see!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Not much happening...

...on the personal writing front.

I'm still sitting on my poor finished manuscript which is begging to be sent out to a publisher's slush pile. Ugh! Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall [bash, bash, bash]

I've been to a few writerly events, most notably Anita Daher's Writer in Residence reading at Aqua Books. Speaking of Aqua Books, the new location is looking smarter and sharper every day. It can only get better and better!

Okay. I have to stop putting off writing this submission letter and researching which houses to send my manuscript to. I already know a bunch who are going to get it - all that remains is to write the letter, several samples and lengths of summaries, perhaps a chapter outline, and then get a few SASEs together, and then it's done!

Maybe this is why I haven't been published yet...damn laziness.