Monday, May 12, 2008

Double Trouble with 2 Sasky Poets

Well, if I can't blog about my own writing, at least I can blog about someone else's!

Just got back from MRB (GP), and enjoyed a lovely evening with friends and colleagues and people from far-flung communities. Fellow Facebooker Friend of mine Brenda Schmidt and Judith Krause are two talented Saskatchewan poets with new books out from the same publisher who are touring at the same time, and Winnipeg was the final leg of their journey.

First Judith read from her book Mongrel Love which was a mix of poems which touched on emotions, death, one about a horse (which was disturbing and compelling at the same time) and a few other tidbits (yes, yes, crappy poetry review, but that's what you're going to get).
And then Brenda read from her book Cantos from Wolverine Creek which had some great poetry about birds, far-away memories of nursing, and food (loved the "cookie triage" poem! Heh! The crumbly carnage!)

I should also mention that I enjoyed a lovely Dim Sum lunch with Brenda and Judith earlier today, along with a bunch of other people (all of whom were also at the reading tonight). So all in all, not only a lovely evening, but a lovely day!

Friday, May 02, 2008

One crazy fun book launch!

I managed to make it out to Chandra Mayor's book launch last night (All the Pretty Girls), and let me tell you it was fun! High energy and full of life and love and of course tinged with sadness (for some of the subject matter was quite serious).

Chandra held her launch at the Lo Pub, a swanky little underground dive bar which was really quite cozy. Although I'm not sure if that's because of the clientelle who was there last night (who were all there for Chandra). What would I find if I went there tonight? Of course we'll never know, because I'm not sure why I'd go there again, truth be told ;-)

In any case, Chandra also shared the stage with another person, who's beautiful sounding name I won't attempt to spell here (I can't seem to find the hundred invitations to the event I had!). Suffice to say that her book of poetry was quite beautiful, although quite serious in many parts (having to do with missing/abused women in the Vancouver area). There was a rep from Sagehouse at the readings as well, who gave a small presentation about what she and her organization does to help young women (sometimes girls, really) in awful, awful situations.

It was a great evening to bring awareness to a problem in all of our cities, to give thanks to two great readings, to hear host Rosanna Deerchild in her true, crazy (and as Chandra said, slightly inappropriate) form! And, most of all, to enjoy the company of friends and colleagues in a very un-bookstore like launch. Fantastic all around!