Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Days away from THIN AIR 2007!!

Well, it's almost here.
My first THIN AIR literary festival as the General Manager with the Winnipeg International Writers Festival.
Everything looks good, and of course there are the bumps to deal with. Ads not appearing when we've put them in...people and corporations taking advantage of our writers now that we have them here and NOT giving us credit for it (by CONTRACT all the THIN AIR visiting and local writers belong to THIN AIR and we have a say in what they can or can't do, and everything is still under our umbrella).

Wow. I'm getting so "corporate." Heh.

Okay, but in any case, it's been a long, slow, slog in some cases, with lots of long hours, many weekends, and some evenings to get this far. I can't even remember my damn financial courses I took waaaaay back in Jan-March of this year. Sheesh (I'll have to review my notes again...and to think I got 100% in the course. You'd think I'd retain SOME of that knowledge).

After this (not that I want it to be over so fast) I feel in my heart of hearts that I'll be able to control the workload a bit better. Take some days off, take some shorter days. AND DO SOME WRITING!!!

The goal is to have the 3rd draft of my one manuscript done by mid-November so that Anita Daher can read it for me!! Yay! Very exciting.
I plan on doing craploads of writing, Gaming, and Game Creation!! (which includes creating new games, working on older games I've already created, and playtesting them with friends and family! Some of these games have been sitting untested for about two years!! SAD! A CRIME!).

Okay, enough talk. Back to work (ugh).

At least I love my job ;-)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

PerryCon2 Unprecedeted Success!

Okay, yes it has been a LOOOOONG time since my last Blog entry. Oh well. I blame Facebook.

But, I thought this would be a better place to log my September long weekend Gaming extravaganza!

Basically, Tanya and I went out to Brandon to visit friends, and I went out to GAME! Jokingly, I refered to the weekend as PerryCon2 (PerryCon1 had been held two years ago).

Friday, pick up cool rental car (red Hyundai somethingorother), drive out to Brandon after work.
Friday night: Cthulhu Munchkin with John, Mo and Pam, and Craig (along with Tanya and myself). Great night! Event though poor Pam spilled coke on some of my cards (she was devastated - and if I was 18 I would have been as well. Heh). Up till 2am Gaming and chatting. Good times.

Saturday morning: GM Breakfast at Humpty's; Perry and Tanya are joined by Craig, John and Amanda, and Tanya's friend Laura. A couple of skillets and eggs and pancakes later, we're ready for more Gaming. Well, after some shopping for food. Tanya and Laura head off to shop and hang out for the day.
Craig and I spend the rest of the afternoon and evening playing 2-player games: a couple of rounds of Wrasslin', a few hands of HACK! (KoDT card game), and the new boardgame Formidable Foes (great art, not so great rules). Tanya returns home and we play game of Groo the Wanderer before bed (earlier evening, 1am).

Sunday morning: sleep in, and set up Arkham Horror boardgame for that evening!
Sunday afternoon: Tanya and Perry search Brandon for a sportsbar that's open on Sunday, and settle in at Smitty's to watch the CFL Labour Day Classic (Winnipeg in Saskatchewan). Good game, but Bombers lose. Boo. Return to Craig's where we proceed to play a marathon game of Arkham Horror till 3am with Mo, John, Craig, Craig2 (can't remember his last name...), Xanthe, Richard Whidden, Graham, Tanya and myself. Very cool.

Monday morning: sleep in. Monday afternoon, Craig and I try out his Quebec "Stratego-esk" game. Very cool. A few more games of Wrasslin before Amanda and John come over for a great game of D&D minis. Then, a bunch more hands of Wrasslin before it's time to leave (sob!).

All in all, a very cool weekend of meeting with friends, Gaming with friends, and all around hanging out and relaxing. Pictures up on Facebook!!