Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I love Halloween, and I never get to do as much as I want every year. Sigh.

This year was the second in a row where Tanya and I were unable to go to any costume parties. Sucks. But I did dress up at work!

As you can see, I was ready for stats, financial numbers, and crime!

We had about 49 kids at the house tonight for candy. Not too bad. The pumpkins kicked butt! And lots of cool comments from the kids about my own spidey/Parker costume. Heh!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, I carved me last pumpkin, and it turned out quite well! The teeth are cool.

I put them out with a short prayer that no punks would kick them in before Halloween tomorrow. Heh. I kept my milk-jug skeletons inside just in case they get stolen! Damn kids...

I'm dressing up tomorrow...or I should say dressing down. I'm going as one of the walking dead. Mwha-ha-ha! I bought some rotting skin makeup. MWHA-HA-HA! I'm planning on putting it on at work instead of shuffling all the way to work with it on. Although who knows what i'll feel like doing tomorrow.

Okay, off to bed before the ghouls get me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay, I'll try to make it quick. But I had to update this blog.
And sooon, the writing schedule will BEGIN!
And then the blog will be more writerly, but right now, it will be about Geek stuff.

Awesome. HOT AIR blog by Ariel Gorden was tre cool, and the whole festival, despite it being a very, very, very trying and difficult year, was fantastic. I am very proud of myself, and the slim, thin, team (especially with one of our crew quitting on us at the end of August...). So far the set up for TA2008 is looking much, much milder, and calmer. I've already done two grants mostly by myself (some help from Charlene), which took me about three days this year - last year it took both of us a month and a half. Yup. THAT's an improvement. It can only look better from here-on-in.

Very cool. Very Geeky. Bought some comics (duh!) and some action figures. Hung out with friends from Brandon who came to stay with us, and it was all in all very relaxing and cool. ComicCon sucked my wallet dry, but filled my geeky soul with glee.


Speaking of games, I just got my latest Ebay purchase in the mail today: HACK! the cardgame. Very cool!!!! And the dealer even shipped the decks in the display box the stores once used! Extra cool and geeky! Now I have a cool (and geeky, don't forget geeky) box to store the decks in. A very cool game: five different decks, representing four goofy characters and a DM from D&D. Players play down dungeon room cards, monsters, npcs, magic items, and so on, trying to find the fabled Hand of Vectra. As I said - cool.

I'm a big halloween geek, although I haven't really had the opportunity to really explore it every year. Last year (and now this year) we didn't make it to a halloween costume party. Poo. That sucks. I'm SOOO going to dress up for work. Haven't decided what yet. I haven't really tried to put a cool costume together, so it might be a zombie or something gross. Heh.
I finally raked my leaves last week in the two hours it was dry, and bagged 'em. Today, I finally got to draw on them (as I do every year). Check out the photos!

Oh, the last one here is my poor pumpkin with no teeth. One fell off, the other was eaten by some creature of the night (and then frost killed the nub. Poor guy).

Okay, gotta go! Heroes is on!