Sunday, June 24, 2007

I could cook an egg on my computer...

Damn it's hot.

Okay, yes, it has been a while since the last blog update. But, as the last entry stated: "I'M ALIVE" and Happy!

Okay, quick summary of the last few weeks.

My week of vacation (June 7 - 14) was EXcellent. BookExpo Canada kicked butt. Saw a whole mess of excellent writers (Clive Barker, Sean Cullen, Stephen King (yup!), Richard Scrimger, and of course, Anita Daher! Yay!), and got a whole mess of free books (cool). The vacation part was most relaxing, and Tanya and I had a blast. We walked Yonge, King, Queen, Bloor, Dundas, went into Little Italy, Korea Town, China Town, Greek Town. We ate at a bunch of little restaurants, and only once at a big chain (Hard Rock Cafe, but c'mon! We don't have any of those in Winnipeg...).

This last week has been quite good. I seem to have control over the stress levels at work again (always good). Did a lot of work at work, and a bit of cleaning up at home.

These last two days have also been quite good, in regards to Cleaning House. Literally.

I have begun Phase 1 of "Project Basement" which is actually STEP 1 in "Getting the Damn House Organized" MegaProject. I built (with my own two little hands) a bunch of shelves in one corner of our basement. Woo-hoo! They look good! And sturdy. You could use them as bunk beds (as Tanya pointed out).

Today I've been purging a bunch of "garbage" from the basement, as I was filling the new shelves. Let me tell you, long past due! Now that I've acutally started on the shelf building, Phase 2 involves building a few walls in the basement, a few more shelves, and then reorganizing the entire basement so we can actually USE IT!

I've been planning, and sketching, and planning (in between loads of laundry and cleaning up). It's gonna be GOOD!

Oh. And the writing. Gonna get to that writing! I meant to do some this weekend but it is so hot in the office right now, I could cook an egg on my computer (see how neatly I worked the title into the blog? Heh.)

But I will! Promise! I've already been looking at the 3rd draft, making plans. I've got some great ideas on how to improve it. Very exciting.

Life is so much better.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm Alive!!!

Just a quick note to say, yes, I am alive. Tired. A bit worn out. Excited to see the end of it, and that the end will be merciful (heh-heh).

I'm on the tail end of two grant applications, and they will be done for sure in the next week and a bit. My parts will be done by tomorrow, and then my director just has to put the finishing touches on the text parts and viola! Done!

And then, Toronto! BookExpo! Vacation for a few days! Yay!!

Now, I'm finally excited. It took the sacrifice of PrairieCon (yes, I ended up cancelling on them, which really bummed me out, and bummed some of my friends out there, but it was a necessary evil), but the Toronto trip will be well worth it. And I can then plan out the rest of my festival work schedule (taking care of those deadlines creeping up!), and my WRITING SCHEDULE!

Can't wait to start really digging into the 3rd draft of the Ghostcatchers Club, for which I got my WAC grant for. That'll start third week of June after my return for Toronto.

Okay, I've got an article to write for PrairieBooks NOW tonight (finally getting to it). At least it's different than writing a grant...