Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We (the Festival) have a Book!

After several weeks (months?) of slogging and program development and a week and -end of layout and editing, we have a book!
It still has a few bugs, but the paperback program is done! And it looks GREAT! The lineup is stellar (as usual) and the shows are spectacular (as usual) and the whole sheebang looks great.

Now we just need to advertise and get people out to see it.

In other news, Tanya and I went over to Dylan and Teena's last Saturday (Aug 4) for some BBQ Madness - the Dylan and Teena Meatfest 2007! It was great! They bought a whole tenderloin for everyone, cut it up and wrapped the pieces in bacon (yum!) and even had dogs, burgers and salads galore! Oh, and hot peppers stuffed with cheese. Crazy man.
Here's the link to my photo album in Facebook: (I'm not sure if you have to be a member to see it).

And my friends have lots of other shots from the evening. A great time all around.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where's all that Time go anyway?...

Wow! What happened to July!?!

I've been busy with the Writers Festival planning (very exciting!) and spending some time (not a lot) on Facebook, which is where I tend to post pictures now, since it is very easy to do.

I've got a "few" more cute kitty pics, which I'll post here in a bit (I'm actually at work right now).

Anything else exciting???
I finished up my gig as a Jurur with the Winnipeg Arts Council. That was very cool. A great experience, one I would gladly do again. And the money I got paid was enough to cover my new Ebay expenses! Gulp. Yup. Found a bunch of Heroclix figures I really wanted, and this one Seller had great prices, and FREE SHIPPING if you bought 3+ figures. Which I have.

One batch is already in the mail, the next should be in about a week (I still two days left on some auctions). Coolness.

I'm so addicted to Games. Heh.